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Take a Step Towards Entrepreneurship

GE3 is now accepting applications! Visit the link and complete the application to start the process.

GE3 Vision

GE3 is an entrepreneurial program that will provide opportunities for youth and adults to start and grow businesses. The program is free and open to everyone!

GE3 proposes to partner with community centers and other local organizations to select youth for participation and to contribute to the overall mission.


What GE3 Has to Offer

•Gift/skill assessments

•Career descriptions

•Business planning courses

•Healthy mindset seminars

•Overcoming depression, fear, and anxiety seminars

•"A day in your industry" partnerships

•One-on-one and group mentorship

•Pitch contests

•On-site events to access stakeholders

How to Get Involved

Here are ways that you can help us:

  • Donate your time

  • Donate your skillset

  • Donate knowledge

  • Monetary donations


Contact Us

1418 Avondale Dr. Ste. 105 Durham, NC 

Thanks for submitting!

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